life list

Touch a penguin | Live on the beach on a warm island | Raise happy, healthy children | Work from home | Pierce my nose | Take kids to Maine | Own & love a dog | Own a Mini Cooper | Bike the rim of Lake Tahoe | Visit New Zealand | Try pilates | Send my kids to college | Meet Ellen DeGeneres & dance on her show | Become friends with Ellen DeGeneres | Find happiness | Find success through laughter | Take a family vacation in Kauai | Travel the entire span of Hwy 101 with a really great camera | Be a good neighbor | Heal my skin | Write a million dollar check to charity | See a kangaroo in Australia | Visit all 50 states | Spend a summer with my sister in Germany | Enjoying cooking good food for my family | Enjoy the families my kids create | Take a yacht throughout the Caribbean | Visit an authentic castle | Go to the Cannes Film Festival | Spend a day with Jeff Lewis | Gather coconuts in my own backyard | Enjoy a croissant in Paris | Be sure my parents know I love & appreciate them | Apologize to my mother | Be a good sister | Quit my day job | Grow long hair | Visit Banff | Take the kids to Walt Disney World | Figure out how to not let others make me lose my shit | Find peace | Stop biting my fingernails | Give birth | Buy a Dyson | Hire a chef | Eat my vegetables | Add a bakery owner to my list of good friends |  Stop cussing (okay, maybe just a little less) | Have someone call me a mentor | Stop pretending | Build a better music library | Listen to more music | Have someone call me Mommy | Dance each day | Try surfing | Go clamming | Get rid of my landline | Understand the benefits & joy of coupons | Eat more fish | Take my vitamins | Eat less sugar | Drive a Range Rover | Live in a house of windows | Finish the kids baby books | Become a better photographer | Design & create my ideal home office | Own furniture from somewhere other than ikea, Jennifer Convertibles and CostPlus | Drink more water everyday | Ride a mechanical bull and ride it well | …

8 thoughts on “life list

  1. Holy CRAP. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that you like to dance! I would have filmed us dancing together at EBWW for my next #bloggersdance video (premiering May 7th). You have to get in on this! I’ll email you details. Let’s dance!!!

  2. Hmm. Just where did you touch a penguin? On the head? On the wing? On the cummerbund?
    Love this eclectic list – it’s so “you.” Suggestion: Maybe if you combine some of the goals, you can rip through them faster (aka in time)… like “Take a yacht though the Caribbean” and “Eat more fish” or “Quit my day job” and “Understand the benefits & joy of coupons.”

    • I touched him everywhere! I mean when is that opportunity going to present itself again? You could say I took advantage of him (bah dum dum).

      And yes, if I was wise I would consolidate however…

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